Saturday, January 09, 2010


Chateau du Louvignies (our castle)
at least so far, nothing more than about 1/4 inch dusting. Supposedly it will snow all night tonight...

This morning (well technically it was ten o'clock) I tiptoed over to the window across the frozen tile floors of our bedroom to peek out the window - anticipating that telltale fluffy whiteness on our barbecue and the tree that touches up against our window... alas, nothing new!

In two leaps, I was back in bed and under the warm covers pouting. Husband reminded me that the snow was going to blizzard around noon today according to the weather forecast. He even glamoured it up by saying in his crusty old man voice "we'll just haf to hunker down and pee in buckets".

That made me laugh. Then I kicked him out of bed and asked sweetly for a cup of coffee.

So we've been hunkering down... waiting. Still not much of anything and no, we didn't pee in our one bucket. Just about an hour ago, we took a walk to cheer the dog up, here's the way things look in Louvignies, Belgium.


Caroline said...

Hello - I was actually trying to figure out when the new commissary would open and there you are!
Minnesotans laugh in the face of a blizzard and there was none such to be found in Erbisoeul. Even my cats went outside.
Nice to find your blog!

edith said...

Thanks for reading! The commissary opens Wednesday the 20th... see ya there!