Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm alive, really.

Another month passed and if I just don’t dive in and blog I might as well just call it quits. You see, I need the mental space to write and frankly, I haven’t had much – been busy.

That is all changing. The busy-ness, I mean.

I was thinking that April was going to be a whirlwind month filled with unrelenting sightseeing, Dublin, Paris, Brussels because my in-laws were slated to arrive today for a three week visit. We were SO looking forward to showing them Europe… but alas life throws a wrench in things. On Saturday, my mother-in-law was emergently hospitalized and told there will be no travel in her near future. It’s looking like she will be okay, thank goodness, but their trip had to be postponed to an undetermined date sometime later this year. Major bummer! Get well soon MIL we love you!

And I lost my job.

We library clerks at the SHAPE library have been laid off as of April 6th. Lack of funds is the stated reason. I don’t know how they’re going to run the library without the people at the circulation counter. It’s depressing for me because I really can’t imagine staying at home vacuuming dog hair and watching movies SO I’m going to volunteer my great library expertise sans pay to keep my sanity – look for me there after vacation on April 20th.

My weight loss/get healthy kick is going great! I’m one pound away from the half way point in my weight loss goal of 57 pounds. I think I can make that goal by the end of July. I feel so much healthier – and I look better too. Last week, when I went through the ID card check-point at SHAPE, the guard asked me if it was really me on the card. I told him I colored my hair and lost 30 pounds. I think I need to get a new card.
Me, last week.

I’ve also started running. There’s this great running program that I’ve perused (but never acted on) in the past– it’s called Couch to 5K in two months. I have a friend who’s successfully doing it so I figured I could probably do it too. I wanted to start a few months ago but Husband absolutely FORBID me from running without the proper shoes. So now I finally bought the shoes, started the program and I’m actually enjoying it. Husband and I go three times a week and he encourages me. P-Diddle comes too and runs circles around us, yacking non-stop the whole time. The free running plan is here: http://www.coolrunning.com/ if you want to give it a go.

In other news, C-Bear is taking a school trip to Florence, Italy in mid April – very exciting! She also just directed her first play… a “comedy – sort of” adaptation of Beowolf for her drama class. It was hilarious! And also a great experience for her. Even though she has another year of high school she is looking forward to attending a Norwegian Folkeskole for a year after she graduates to learn to speak Norwegian and study.

P-Diddle is bowling with the Youth League and qualified to attend a big week-long tournament in Germany! He won’t be attending this year because we had already made other plans for that week but next year… watch out!
He is still always game for any sort of outing with us (even the grocery store!) so I’m soaking it all in until full-fledged adolescence blossoms.

P-Diddle spends his after school hours hanging with his buddies at Youth Services on SHAPE while I work or playing with the new American kid down the street. Their latest fascination is tree climbing. This is a little nerve wracking as there are some mammoth trees around the chateau. We always have a little chat about safety and being prudent before he runs off. I’m sure there are worse things a 13 year old boy could be doing.


Christina said...

Holy sheeya! I am so in awe of your health kick. You look awesome, and inspire me!!!!!

Also - that is big and exciting news that Carol is going to attend a Norwegian school after high school. What a great opportunity for her. E, I'm so happy that such good things are happening for the Mills family. Sorry about your job, though. I strongly suspect something else will come around. Do the people over there have any idea what your skill sets and background are? You could probably run a division.

Ivan and I are moving dates around still. We found out the biggest Slovak cultural festival that we reeeeally want to see is happening the first week in July, so we are going to aim for that, even though the weather might still be iffy. What do you think of a Mills family trip to Slovakia in July?

We are still sorting out the practicality of dedicating a week to Norway. It shore is expensive there - how did you manage it? (If we can manage Norway, Belgium also becomes a manageable part of the itinerary.)

Love love love
- T

PS do please tell Patrick for me to be careful, and send my love to Kathie next time you talk to her!

Cloud said...


Camilla Vår Birkeland said...

You look great, Edith!! I can't believe how determined you are to keep that health plan up! Proud of you...

edith said...

Hey thanks Milla Vanilla!