Friday, March 23, 2012

A glass or a bottle?

First off, I just want to say thank you for the encouraging comments left on my blog. They really do inspire me and make me feel like I can lift myself out of my slumpage!

As part of my ongoing effort to lift my spirits, I went on an adventure last weekend...

My Italian friend Lucia invited me to the Villa Sceriman - my first Italian winery! Villa Sceriman is this really picturesque villa out in the town of Vo (about 40 minutes away). It's an old place. Historical records first mention it in 1447.

They have a large tasting area with requisite kegs for tables and several beautiful rustic rooms with large fireplaces and old oak tables and benches. It seems like a perfect place for a get together and Lucia tells me that she has had several large parties out there.

Lucia treated me to some cold cut salami, peppers, green olives and a couple of hunks of white bread. We also grabbed "a taste" of some Sceriman Cabernet Sauvignon. It was all very tasty. We sat at one of the old tables and enjoyed the atmosphere, food and wine.

Afterwards, we got up for some wine tasting. We sauntered to the bar and Lucia pulled out this sheet and a pen...

The first thing I say is "Jeez Lucia, the wine is so cheap here... a glass for 3.95 euro? That's crazy!!!!

and Lucia tells me that that's the prices for a bottle.


My interest is perked, my palate is ready as the tasting got underway. I sampled all the reds (with bread cubes as in betweeners) and tried a few whites.

I wasn't crazy about the whites.

I loved the Prosecco which is fizzy and like champagne. Who doesn't love fizzy?

So for 26 euro I made out like a bandit... the three bottles below, 1 cabernet and, my favorite a white vino frizzante (which we drank before I took the picture - oopsie) PLUS the very cute wine pitcher for 7 euro. SWEET!


Viceroy De Los Osos said...

Love the wine picture. Does it do syrup?

edith said...

I'm sure syrup would vomit out of the hen's mouth just swimmingly!