Thursday, April 26, 2012


So great to run into old friends in Venice.
 Especially when you have pee!

The army is really such a small world!

On Easter eve, I was absolutely tickled to see our old friends, Tina and Luke, from Georgia. When we lived in Georgia, Tina and Luke lived across the street from us. Now Tina's son is stationed here in Vicenza and she and Luke were here to visit him and see Europe.  It was such a pleasure to have them over for dinner.

It was especially a pleasure because my Norwegian guests did all the work. Emil kindly offered to cook a leg of lamb and Eva made a beautiful chocolate cake and I didn't have to do a thing but drink wine, eat and laugh with my old friends. It was a great evening and at the end of it we hugged goodbye and hoped we would see each other sooner rather than later.


The next day we ran into Tina and Luke in way overcrowded Venice.

Do you have any idea how convoluted and crowded Venice is? Probably not, but take my word for it, it was a freaking miracle that Luke was hanging out a hotel window at the split second we walked by and just happened to see us meandering by.  Too funny and weird!

I blogged about these friends back in 2006. Daytona Beach with Luke and Tina 2006 .

In another weird co-winki-dink...

And they saw each other across the room...

Then, as if seeing Luke and Tina wasn't enough for this friend-starved girl, I'm at work a week ago and I am hustling with a co-worker to manage a crisis and I look up and see my long lost friend Kristi who was our neighbor when we lived at Fort Bragg in 2003!  INCREDIBLE. We just stared at each other in disbelief for about 10 seconds and then crossed the room for a fierce hug. I think my co-worker thought I was nuts LOL. I was so happy to see her!

Old army friends = family

In this crazy military life, every time you move you have to begrudgingly say goodbye to your friends and push yourself to start over and make friends at the new place.  Meeting up with them again is such a treat and you have the commonality of army struggles, moving constantly, friends etc. to catch up on.
Cindy, me and Kristi wine tasting at Villa Sceriman

Then, as a grand-friend-finale,  a week later, my good friend Cindy (who we've been stationed with both in Georgia and Belgium) flew down from Belgium to spend the weekend with us! Unfortunately she is moving back to the states in a few months. Sad and it's another goodbye but who knows, she may pop up and we may be neighbors in a couple years.

In this crazy army life, weirder things have happened!

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