Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Italian Dentista

Signe and Emil 
Halfway through our Norwegian invasion, poor Emil came to me holding his jaw and begged me to find him a dentist to pull a tooth.

That's crazy talk!  I was thinking.

But he was indeed in agony. He confessed that he hadn't been to a dentist in years and the toothache he had been nursing was finally at point where he could not stand it.

You see...

He's a Dentist Scaredy Cat. In other words, to me, a kindred spirit. I used to be deathly afraid of going to the dentist from the ages of 15 until about 28. I'm over it now.

I guess birthing three babies gets you to a new acceptance of pain.

Not Emil.

He was scared sh#*less and in a foreign country.

I set out to find an Italian dentist (or dentista) who was a firm believer in lots of pain meds for dental procedures.

Rumor has that  Italian dentists are not big on anesthesia or a lot of Novocain and I've read and heard horror stories to back up this rumor.

Of course I didn't want to scare Emil any more than he already was so I set out on a mission.

After several phone calls and the help of our Italian friend, Lucia,  I found a dentist who promised they would put Emil under for the extraction. Please, they said,  come in today for antibiotics and tomorrow for the extraction.

We drove a somber and strained Emil to the dentist. When the dental assistant looked at the tooth she gasped. This is what she saw... viewer discretion advised - this is not for the faint at heart and your teeth will ache just from looking at the photo:
Emil's rotten wisdom tooth

This is the tooth with a massive crater that sat at the back of Emil's mouth. He said it filled up with food daily and he had to picked it out.


He was so nervous, poor thing. On Wednesday, the day after the consult and antibiotics were prescribed, My-Army-Guy, Signe and I  took him to the dentista for the extraction. He could hardly sit still in the waiting room and must have used the bathroom three times.


The Italian dentista was the best!

They were understanding and patient and they brought him a drug cocktail to slug down about 15 minutes before they called him back for the extraction. It took the edge off immediately and we all laughed as he went from high-strung anxiety to giggly, chatty and posing for snapshots.

They called him back and that's all she wrote, folks...

The tooth came out..

As the rest of Emil's visit with us passed he began to look healthier and more rested. His 22 year old face relaxed considerably and he says he slept well for the first time in at least a month. Of course, the antibiotics helped too.

The moral of this story, young people... brush and floss twice daily and see your dentist as often as recommended or you may have to visit the Italian dentista who is definitely not to be mistaken for the Tooth Fairy.

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