Friday, June 01, 2012

Traipsing around Oslo.

C-Bear (wishing for some shades), Jon, P-Diddle, me
On Thursday, we were finally able to meet up with C-Bear YAY! She and her boyfriend Jon were going to take us to Oslo and show us some touristy stuff.

This was exciting to us because although we have visited Norway many times now, we never seem to motivate ourselves to get up to the big city and explore.

In true Edie fashion, I had made a decent sized list of the sights I wished to see. Jon helped us sort out which ones were clumped together and we made a plan.

We drove up and parked our car downtown ($50 for 4 hours -definitely not for cheapskates) and we were on our way.

Jon took us to the new Oslo opera house - a fabulous and modern new building. It is quite controversial amongst Oslo-ites. I thought it was cool but I don't have to stare at it out my front window. We had to don our sunglasses because the white marble was so bright. I'm not kidding either! They day itself was cloudy as you can see...

Hey! What do ya know? Husband actually got in a picture!

Freckles McGee

Another freckle face a la Risky Business. Those are actually Husband's Ray Bans from  1984
Unfortunately, after the opera house, the camera's battery went dead BUT we did also visit the Akershus Fortress and the Historical Museum!

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anita said...

Oh my gosh, Carol so looks like cousin Laura in that photo!!!