Sunday, July 15, 2012

A bug in your ear

On Thursday, I drove C-Bear home from her Summer Hire job.

Did I tell you that she got a job at the Housing Office here on post? Thanks to a program that helps American kids overseas get some job experience, she was able to get this job for 6 weeks. It pays slave wages but that's another story.


We are driving home and C-Bear shakes her head suddenly and freaks out a little bit...
"Mooooommmmm, it feels like I have a bug in my ear!"

Me,  the antithesis of a hypochondriac,  says
"Oh, it's probably the air conditioning blasting in your ears - the wind is whistling through your ear wax".

Chuckle chuckle, followed by a weak glare from her.  She accepted that for a moment but kept tearing up and getting a panicked look in her eyes every few seconds until I brought up the subject of what was for dinner and all was forgotten.

The next day she yelled to me as an aside when she was upstairs and I was downstairs.
"Mom it still feels like something is in my ear!"

My response?
"Don't push your earwax so far down with Q-tips, silly."

On Thursday, I'm at work and she's at work and I get a hysterical phone call
"Mom, there's REALLY A BUG IN MY EAR"

followed by hysterical sobs.

"I'm sure it's laying eggs in there!" she screamed.

 I had to hang up to help a customer and figure out how to get her to the clinic to have them tell her she just needs some Debrox and an ear cleaning.

In the next ten minutes I receive 8 texts in rapid succession from her. The last one says she is walking to her dad's office to await me to take her to the clinic.

Leaving my job in the middle of a shift takes about 4 phone calls, ten minutes of explaining myself, and fear of being fired but I did leave my desk and I took C-Bear to the nearby clinic.

They kindly saw her without an appointment since it just involved a look-see in her ear.

They call us back and first the nurse peeks in her unaffected left ear and gives a warning about not using Q-tips in your ears.

Readers, you all know not to use Q-tips in your ears, don't you? They've just been manufacturing the things to clean your ears for at least 100 years but NO, you aren't supposed to dig in your aural orifice with a foreign object.

The nurse looks in C-Bear's right ear and the nurse steps away from her and just walks out the door without saying a word.

Fifteen seconds later she returns with the doctor who takes a turn examining C-Bear's right ear and blurts loudly in a nasal twang,
"We'll just have to drown it!"

C-Bear bursts into hysterical, ugly crying.

 I comfort her and feel like a class A shit.

Within a matter of 60 seconds, they have flushed it out with a syringe and out comes a bug in bits and pieces. It was not very big but it was enough that C-Bear felt it.

Poor thing, she apologized to everyone for sobbing and I told her (and I meant it too) that if I had a bug in my ear for three days I would cry like a baby and I wouldn't care who saw me!


maggie g. said...

OMG! poor Carole! That is so bizarre... I can't believe that she really did have a bug in her ear... and that it lived for 3 days! My response would have been exactly the same... my kids also have to beg me to take them to the doc :-)

edith said...

Oh yay, a fellow non-hypochondriac! Actually at the beginning of this ordeal, I told Carol maybe she should brush her hair more often. Needless to say, not taken in good humor LOL especially after the bug was real.