Monday, July 16, 2012


Exhausted and hot, clearing out of Venice at about 3 p.m.
 I totally get the purpose of Italian riposo (afternoon quiet time when business shuts down)

It was painfully hot the first week my family visited. One of the days, it was about 100 F so to maximize our sightseeing, we  headed out early.

In Venice, we did get to see the Doge Palace, San Marco's square and enjoy a really excellent lunch. In fact the lunch we had in Venice ended up being my neice's food benchmark for the rest of the trip. Their pizza was outstanding. Finding a great place in Venice to eat is dicey but Rosso Pomodorro was an oasis of  coolness, free toilets and tasty food in our hot day.

Catching shade between two buildings.
 This is what my brother deems a "dramatic shot". He loves photos of the people's backs. Ha ha!

Another "drramatic" shot: a newlywed couple in the courtyard at the Doge's palace.

Looking up while walking down one of those narrow  alleys in Venice.
When we got home, the cat's were having riposo of their own out on the patio in the shade...
hot cat


Dana said...

It's just impossible at this time of year, isn't it. I vowed never to do it again after this time!
Did you know that Rosso Pomodoro is a chain and that there is one on the third floor at Piramidi Centro Commerciale? We visit it from time to time bc it has a Neapolitan themed menu .

Stay cool.

edith said...

Wow, that's fantastic to know! Thanks for sharing!