Friday, July 13, 2012

So Damn Happy

My niece and brother on the Rialto Bridge, Venice
There is something about seeing your town through the eyes of your house guests that really makes you appreciate (or detest, I suppose) the place where you've planted yourself.

I've been embarrassed by my shitty attitude about Italy (and have written about it here) and it has taken me awhile to be wooed and won over by this duty station. My cold shoulder for this stop on our military journey really had everything to do with other factors and nothing to do with Italy. A long visit from my brother and family really helped me see the error of my ways and appreciate what I have here.

My brother, his wife and teenage daughters have been chomping at the bit to come visit us in Europe. They've been scraping together their cash and finagling their vacation time for a trip overseas for three years now. They were going to come last June but were thwarted when we received orders to move from Belgium to Italy.

FINALLY, last February, they were able to buy their tickets and plan their Big European Vacation.
On their  "I have to see" list: The Eiffel Tower at night.

From the minute they arrived in Milan after a long (and delayed) flight until we dropped them off three weeks later for their return home they were SO DAMN HAPPY and enthusiastic to be here. My brother, with his Rick Steves Italy book and his backpack was a sightseeing maestro with unmatched intensity. My sister-in-law, once she figured out how excellent and cheap cappuccinos were, wanted to stop at every corner shop for one (I wasn't complaining!). It was inspiring  - they took advantage of every moment here.

That type of enthusiasm is infectious and apparently I needed a dose of it.
Here we are on a boat/ferry to see Cinque Terre


Camilla said...

So happy about the visit and about the enthusiasm! Wish I were there.

Victoria Gregory said...


Dana said...

You won't be disappointed to have changed you mind!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for a glimpse of your trip. I checked your blog everyday after they left and didn't see anything and now, on July 17, I find all of those fabulous posts!!! I am so very anxious to see the Birkelands and hear the stories for myself. I need a poster sized picture of the girls and the Tower!!! Thank you so much. Love, Anita

edith said...

Anita... I'm working on it! Kristi has the eiffel picture in it's original format or I can email u a copy!

airport hotel Venice said...

Such a great vacation! Congratulations! Positive photos.