Thursday, July 19, 2012

Verona in Twenty Thousand Steps

There he goes!

In an earlier post, I mentioned my brother was an intense sightseer.

Honestly, his style doesn’t bother me. In fact I hardly noticed until it was brought to my attention.

Perhaps, because we were raised by the same parents, I didn't scoff when, at the beginning of his visit, he bought himself a spiral notebook and a pen and tucked it under his arm alongside his Rick Steve’s guidebook

My mother was famous for doing the same thing. She would take copious notes and photos each day we traveled as children. The end result would be wieldy scrapbooks with pamphlets, receipts, maps and paperclips spilling out the sides but hey, these massive collections of travel in the 1970s are now considered family treasures!

When we all visited Verona, I didn’t even blink when he suggested we grab “lunch on the go” at a food stand in the Verona main square. Actually I was oblivious to the general consensus until I caught a glimpse of his entire female family giving him stink-eye glares.

Did I mentioned that it was 100 degrees too on that day? I guess it would have been nice to dine in an air conditioned restaurant... 

I will say this, however, in defense of my beloved brother, I have been to Verona three or four times before this but I saw more on my day there under his tutelage than I had seen in all other visits combined!

On his (and Rick Steve's) advice, we all bought a Verona Pass (12 euro each) and were admitted to almost every sight we passed! It was a GREAT DEAL! We went into the Roman arena, entered Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House), saw several churches including the amazing Sant' Anastasia church, hit every square in town, went up a bell tower and took in the views plus much more…

believe me, there was much more...

and it's a blur.

Luckily, we have photos!

Saint George, the dragon and the princess Trebizond painted by Pisanello in 1437.  Sant' Anastasia Church
More amazing art in Sant' Anastasia church
In the steamy afternoon, we took a walk across a bridge and a hike up this hell. Oops I mean hill.

For a nice fanning and a cold beverage. 
Even Husband got in on the act. My nieces were very amused.

The views were lovely from the top of the hill.
My niece showing us her shopping spoils.
At the end of our day, the grown ups sat in the Piazza di Signori
 enjoying beer and snacks while the girls shopped. 

High five on a great day, Brother!

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Anonymous said...

Great post E! I was just reflecting on what an epic day that was and how I too, was oblivious to my families objections. Good times, indeed.