Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Asolo, Italy

We had a Thanksgiving hangover and after cooking all week and being tied to the kitchen

Husband was brave and offered to spend a few hours with me (half of which was trapped in a puny Fiat). I really am very lucky to have him.

What an enchanting surprise Asolo was. Just 55 minutes away and in the foothills of the Dolomites, this lovely prehistoric town was a marvel of beauty, shopping, old stuff and not a ton of tourists (you don't find a ton of tourists anywhere this time of year (except maybe in Venice).
Walking through the old city walls into the town of Asolo

Asolo started as a settlement of Venetian populations and then became an important Municipium in Roman times (1 century BC). As is typical of most Italian old towns, it has a fortress or castle at the top of a hill.

Here you can see the fortress in the background on the hill. We are enjoying a 1 euro glass of new sweet wine and sharing a salty cheese sandwich. Can you see that I'm cheering up?

We decided to walk up the hill to get a little post Thanksgiving exercise and check out the views.
Here, not so cheerful as I'm swatting at a cloud of gnats
 at the base of the trail going up the hill.
Here we are almost at the top and I'm catching my breath and remarking at how much
I have to pee and how sweaty I am.
Husband nods, pretends to listen and takes this photo.
One of the lovely vistas from the top.

Here is the town square. They were having a Christmas market the next day right here in this fantabulous parking lot. In the background is the town museum.

This string of lights amused me.

We spent about two hours in town and then our parking time ran out and we had to leave. I definitely want to go back and check out the museum and really explore more.. There were also great antique shops that I couldn't bring myself to drag my sweet husband into. It's torture for him.

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Brielle Franklin said...

My husband and I have been to Italy a few times.. okay okay, like twenty, but who's counting. We are planning on going back at the end of June. We normally look into the Tuscany villas and love to see all the different museums around all the little towns. It's such a great time, and I believe you chose a great place to live.