Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gingerbread House

Every few years I like to make a gingerbread house. This isn't some kit. Oh no, that's waaaayyyy too easy and boring for me.

I make one using a pattern.

With a porch.

And dormer windows.

And I  bake all the pieces myself.

From an old issue of Women's Day that my mother kept. Somehow I got my hands on it along the way and I'm happy I have's a great pattern.

Here's the magazine with a picture of the gingerbread house featured on the cover.
I also made this one when Husband was deployed back in 2007 and blogged about it here:  gingerbread house. It's the same pattern and you can tell I had lot's of kid help... which I loved!

This year, I got lot's of nodding heads when I asked the kids if they wanted to help and when it came time to put it together... no action.

So this gingerbread house is me AND Husband. Yes, my husband came through for me because he says he likes to spend time with me... imagine that... and I was upstairs too long for him while he was alone downstairs and he wanted the damn project done.

This is why we are married.'s the stages of Gingerbread House 2012:

I made a bunch of pattern pieces out of poster board that I've kept over the years.
 Here, the baking is complete.
 I sanded the rough edges off with a sharp knife.... very gently!

Glue and hold. It actually sticks and dries pretty quick here in Italy.
In Savannah... I had issues! Probably  the humidity.
Husband has the patience to really make sure the pieces all fit before gluing.
The porch and dormer have a lot of angles that need fitting. I'm all impatient and stuff.

Here's a closeup of the artisan at work.

He even helped paint fence posts and stuck little flower decorations on the top!

Almost done. Still have a bit left on the porch roof.

All done.


maggie g. said...

Totally kickass gingerbread house... Love it.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I can only imagine having a little extra time around Christmas. Someday....someday.

edith said...

Maybe one year G, you can help me stick the little candy flowers on the fenceposts and you and Thom can fight over who sands the gingerbread!

edith said...

Thanks Maggie. Too bad your kids don't live next door. They could have helped me glue stuff on it and helped EAT it!