Monday, December 03, 2012


This is my friend Heather whom I have known since I was four years old.
 She looks so pretty and happy and innocent here, doesn't she?
She and I have gotten ourselves in trouble many times... but that's a different story.

She came to visit me in September. We went to Murano (an island by Venice) looking for fancy glass.
 This is the view from the vaporetto (ferry).

Heather went through every shop. Murano has a million glass shops.
She was on a quest to find enough Murano glasses to have a cocktail party back home
 and serve all her friends a pretty drink in a pretty glass. 
After twenty glass stores, I looked at other things. Like this glass sculpture...
and this sinking boat.

and these very pink Italians

and this scupture too.

Finally, we were done. We took the vaporetto back to Venice and met Husband for dinner.
and the next morning examined the spoils and imagined the party.

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