Thursday, December 27, 2012

Italian Christmas Wrap Up

Gaze upon my new fake Christmas tree.
 As a girl from the Pacific Northwest, I've always loved my fresh trees.
Alas, I'm more cheap than sentimental... in Italy... over 100 euro for a 4.5 footer!
We had such a lovely Christmas this year... spent a lot of great time together as a family.

That's one of the plusses and minuses of the military... you spend LOTS of time together with your family and rely HEAVILY on that nucleus. You are really forced to get along (or if you don't, you're miserable). We've trained ourselves to be nice and enjoy lots of laughs amusing ourselves.

This Christmas it was another "just us". Meaning the four of us. I desperately miss my oldest son, E-Dude, who is still in college in the states. A few weeks ago marks one year since I've seen him. We made do without him and the rest of our extended family back in the states. We Miss You!

There was lot's of activity going on around here and we kept ourselves pretty busy and our minds off our family back home.

For me, the end of November and first week of December are hectic as hell as I put together Christmas boxes to beat the mailing deadline. Once that date has passed, I'm all ready to PARTY! The pace relaxes considerably and I really begin to enjoy myself.

We thoroughly loved seeing P-Diddle perform with the Rhythm and Blues Band at the beginning of the month. Below is a clip...

Italians love fireworks. We jumped out of bed at midnight to watch this display on Friday, Dec. 21st 

This Santa and his miniature pony was making the rounds at the Camisano market last Sunday.

A fleet of Santa's on a motorcycle run on Christmas Eve, honked our ears off and waved to everyone.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!

Onward... I'm ready to ring in the New Year and start my diet.


Anonymous said...

Patricks video did not show up :(
Love your newsy...WE so miss you guys!!

edith said...

All fixed Kathie!

Victoria Gregory said...

Erik had a wonderful Christmas with Kristi's family-he even got a stocking filled with a can of chilli and a tequila sampler! We warned him about how we take 3+ hours to open presents, but he was not deterred at all whatsoever. He was quite the trooper and had a good time bonding with Kacy. Also, he introduced me to Christmas Vacation, which I had never seen before. He said that it really wasn't Christmas for him without it. Just thought you should know!