Saturday, December 22, 2012

Vicenza Christmas Market

This is the Vicenza Piazza dei Signori where the Christmas Market is set up on weekends
I went this past Sunday and it was a MAD HOUSE. You could hardly walk


It was worth it. So fun! In the Piazza dei Signori they have a ton of vendors set up and  you can buy 1 euro hot wine or hot chocolate. There were lots beautiful lights after dark and I spotted two Italian Santas (set up in separate spots) and surrounded by excited kids.

This year downtown Vicenza spiced things up with a French Christmas Market too set off from the main square. Oooh, I get excited just thinking about it! So many cool things... linens, d├ęcor, French cheese, wine, baked goods, spices, soaps plus more!

The French portion of the market on Wednesday night.
 Go on Saturday or Sunday and it's so busy you can hardly walk through here.
So these pictures are from Wednesday when traffic was considerably lighter, there was no market in the center square AND IT WAS FREEZING. So cold it gave you an ice cream headache. We shopped for 45 minutes and left.

Goodbye Italian Christmas Market. Maybe we'll see you next year...

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