Thursday, January 03, 2013

C-Bear has a birthday

Here's my daughter and her cheesecake. Look at all those candles!!!
Yes, my daughter is no longer a teenager. Her birthday was kind of anticlimactic (at least she thought it was going to be) because we had given her her birthday and Christmas money about a month ago to help her buy a computer.

She wasn't expecting any presents.

She was, however looking forward to a dinner of her choosing and cake. This year she chose a dinner that ended up being completely white:

 C-Bear's Birthday Menu

 Cauliflower Soup
Dad's Mashed Potatoes
Chicken Enchiladas

We all enjoyed her choice in menu although (with Christmas and all) I will insert here that I am actually looking forward to dieting.

We surprised C-Bear with a few small gifts. The captions explain all...
C has been quite covetous of our travel coffee cups
 especially now that she's a working girl.
 She was super pleased with this one...
it's the little things, I tell you!

I knit C-Bear a scarf but didn't quite finish... see the safety pin?\
 I think she likes it.

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