Friday, January 04, 2013

Italian Milk Hut

One exciting discovery here in Italy was our local Milk Hut. Here is ours. It's about a mile down the road on the main street that cuts through town:

Tucked in the corner of a small parking lot you'll find most Milk Huts.
 Located next to it (to the left) is a water hut. 
There is also a fancier milk/cheese/yogurt hut towards the opposite direction in Grumolo della Abbadessa.

I read about the Milk Hut's existence through the Caserme Ederle Army Wives Facebook group (awesome resource BTW) and went hunting for it one weekend when I didn't want to drive 20 minutes to the commissary and was too scared to go to my local grocery store.

Side note on being a scaredy cat: I'm so over it.  I'm actually now brave enough to approach the fish counter at our local Italian supermarket and order fish!!! This was a comfort threshold I couldn't imagine reaching when I first arrived here.

Back to the milk hut...

On the left are the instructions. Essentially 1 euro per liter.
 Insert the coin and push the green button to get the milk pouring
 (you have to re-push the green button for every 1 euro/liter you want).
 Behind the silver door on the right is the milk dispenser (see below).

A 2 euro coin will fill our juice jug with whole milk essentially straight from a local farm. This milk is also minimally processed and is excellent for cheese making etc. The cream actually rises to the top if you let it sit in the refrierator for a day or two.
Here we are filling our jug. 
All done and ready to go.
P-Diddle, my own personal milk drinking demon, has actually grown about a foot in the last 18 months and requires enormous amounts of dairy ALL THE TIME. I think we are almost out of this stage as he is now 6'1" and is suddenly less interested in guzzling a half gallon in a sitting. All that said,  we still go through a lot of milk and the ability to run down the street in one's slippers and sweats and fill a pitcher of fresh milk is a huge treat and convenience.

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