Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Costa Cruise: Dubrovnik, Croatia

 On our last day of the cruise, we stopped in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Honestly, we had sort of run out of touristy energy and had to fight inertia to go into town. Boy, I'm glad we did because Dubrovnik ended up being my favorite port of all.

What an amazing city... and like it was trapped in a time capsule. In fact, I read that Dubrovnik was the locale for the Game of Thrones city of  King's Landing.

We had just two hours here and hurried ourselves over to take a tour of the city walls.   The city walls are all still intact and circle all of old Dubrovnik.

And speaking of running out of energy, I'm spent on these cruise posts... therefore I will let the pictures speak for themselves!


Anonymous said...

Kacy has been re-watching Game of Thrones from the beginning and seriously JUST SAW this shot last night! I have also been daydreaming about traveling to Greece as well with all those blue and white picturesque vistas... thanks for all the hot tips! (gondolas gondolas gondolas) hahaha

edith said...

So cool Lisa! Which picture? Come visit and I'll get you to Greece for cheap!

Amy Brock said...

I am loving these pictures. We were thinking of driving down this summer, but perhaps we will save it for a cruise. Are you guys headed anywhere fun this summer? Can't wait to see!

edith said...

I think we are broke now with two kids in college and me not working. This summer, Rome is our "cheap" summer vacation LOL. Someone on the Vicenza Travel facebook page found a cruise for under $500 for a four day Costa cruise... they get you with extras though!