Friday, April 26, 2013

Our Costa Cruise: Katakolon/Olympia, Greece

Ruins of Olympia, sight of the first Olympic games

 We crossed the Adriatic Sea overnight and suffered through some slightly rough seas - you could only tell because of the banging noise coming from the bottom of the ship. Slightly unsettling and we couldn't sleep in our windowless cabin imagining all kinds of disasters.

However, we made it across without event and stumbled out for breakfast all bleary eyed.
The day was gorgeous though and we snapped out of our zombie states pretty quick.
Olympia was the plan for the day and lots of old stuff and cool ruins. My favorite! We purchased a tour for this day's activity and I'm glad we did. We boarded our bus and drove about 40 minutes inland to Olympia while our tour guide delivered a fact filled run down on Katakolon, Greek geography, customs, population and then worked her way into the history of Olympia and the Olympic games. Husband will laugh when he reads this because I actually napped and drooled on him through this (lack of sleep - see above) but I did catch bits and pieces between zzzzzs.
In the museum, relics from the Olympia abound
At Olympia we visited the Archaeological Museum and then wandered around the ruins from 776 BC. The museum was fantastic with all kinds of statuary and archaeological finds to peruse but wandering around ancient Olympia was really the bomb!
A little rest, water and chap-stick after the museum and before walking through Olympia
The campus was pretty large and included an arena, baths, temples etc.  Wikepedia has a site plan (map) of the area if you're interested: Olympia, Greece

We headed back to the bus, stopped on the way to the port to do some souvenir shopping. 

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