Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Norwegian Confirmation

A Norwegian confirmation is a big deal.

My Norwegian Tante says it should now be considered the biggest celebration in a Norwegian's life because many people don't have traditional weddings anymore. The confirmation was historically a reiteration of the baptism pledges and confirmations that were required by law in Norway until 1915. Today, however,  it's become a much looked forward to coming-of-age celebration for the country's fifteen year olds..

When the invitation for my cousin's daughter came in the mail, we were thrilled and honored to be included as part of the family and made plans to attend..

On the big day, she put on her new bunad - the Norwegian traditional costume. Her father gave her this beautiful dress for this occasion. Each bunad dress is slightly different depending on which town or city you are connected to and what traditional jewelry you wear with it. The dress and head piece she wore is from Kristiansand, where her father's family is from.

In the picture below you can see her big sister fussing with her hair - trying to tuck it up under her bunad hat. If you are one of my long time blog readers, you'll remember Attending My First Norwegian Confirmation ... now here is cousin's oldest daughter, two years later, helping her younger sister for her big day.

Big sister helps pull her hair up in these handy dandy hair holders... It's the Pippi look!

Actually, her lovely long locks are eventually tied up neatly behind the blue hat.

At the church, Husband took video of the youth walking into the church... this is my favorite part of the hour long church service...
After the ceremony, we attended a fantastic reception and dinner at a nearby restaurant. The decor was charming and of course, very Norwegian. The whole restaurant downstairs belonged to the thirty attending guests. We all chatted and had an aperitif and enjoyed some time before dinner.

All ready for the guests.

Time to open presents.
Confirmation gifts are usually money or jewelry. Cousin's daughter got a pair of skis too. There they are in the black and white snowflake wrapping.

The attendees usually wear their nicest clothes... suits (or sometimes bunads) for men and bunads for most of the women... otherwise they wear a dress. Below you can see my lovely cousin in her new bunad. The bunad is often handmade and expensive and my cousin has wanted one for awhile. She is very happy to have one to wear to this important occasion! Standing next to her is her oldest daughter.

Cousin and daughter
Us halvsies American/Norwegian types wear silly H&M dresses that are too cold for the Norwegian Spring.
Brrr, I was freezing and wishing I had myself a bunad!
And then came my favorite part of Norwegian parties...
Norwegian CAKES!!!
All the kid's eyeing the cakes in anticipation
here we are in our fancy clothes!

C-Bear and P-Diddle too..


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the blog, especially this one. The pictures are great. Edith,I am so glad you are getting to visit your family often. Patrick...You are getting as tall as your dad. Speaking of dad ...what a handsome fellow :)

edith said...

It's all genetics, right? Yes we definately love spending time with the Norwegian family!