Monday, June 10, 2013

Knit and Sew in Vicenza

Pinwheel quilt class I took at the Arts and Crafts Center.
 The fabric came from scraps I brought from the states.
Now I know about Magazzini Sesso
I found a fabric/sewing shop last Friday and like I told my daughter with a giddy laugh:

"My world just expanded today"
For those of you who love to craft, knit and sew and you live overseas... you know what I mean. It means you can do the things you love to do and buy locally. I find inspiration wandering the aisles of these type of stores. I need to touch fabrics, fondle yarns and see things to really immerse myself in my creativity. In Italy, there are no Michael's, Hobby Lobbys or JoAnn's Fabrics. Now that I've found these two places, I find my yearning to create has come back with a vengeance.

So, fellow Vicentinos here are the closest and best places to empty your pocketbook on material, notions, and yarn:

 For sewers:
Magazzini Sesso

For knitters:
 Zambello Lane


Jenna Freeman said...

Could you use an American sewing machine in Italy on a transformer without messing it up?

edith said...

It depends on the machine. I have a Bernina that is "dual voltage" so I just needed little adapter to run it. HOWEVER, even though the manual and the machine said it would work, I ran into troubles with my pedal revving and continuing to run after I removed my foot. Not sure if it's related to the power issue or if it's a Bernina issue. I would be cautious with beloved electrical items. You can also just by a cheap 220v machine overseas.