Friday, June 07, 2013

Sunny Skies!

I've had the funniest week and it snapped me out of my doldrums!

First off, the sun came out. It will hit 80 degrees for the first time today. Yes, we have thunder and sprinkles every night but that just means I don't have to water.

Secondly, Husband and I made $300 selling crap out of the garage. A giddy relief because we have been tightening our belts with two college students, me not working and all the traveling we are doing.

I applied for two jobs... and have an interview on Monday for one.

I have been feeling rather friendless the past few months and this week I was reminded that I am not friendless! I met up with either a new or a long-lost woman friend every day this week. Just when I felt like the only over-45 woman on USAG Vicenza:

1) Monday, a woman came over to buy some furniture of mine. We have kids the same age and live in the same town.

2) Tuesday, on a whim,  I took a quilting class with C-Bear and the teacher was hilarious. And over 45.

3) Wednesday, I was entertained by my Italian hair-stylist who told me her troubles. We laughed a lot and waxed poetic about youthful beauty while she cut C-Bear's hair.

4) Thursday, I went to a dinner and got to know the wife of one of my husband's colleagues. She's the same age as I am. We'd been acquainted but hadn't really chatted. Got a couples dinner date out of that encounter. And I ran into two old friends and had a nice chat with one and made a lunch date with another.

5) Today I have a lunch date with a yet another friend.

Sometimes weeks go by where I don't really have a verbal conversation (vs. texted/typed) with anyone but my family and the clerks where I buy stuff. That's pathetic!

I have to remember to never underestimate the power of friendship on my happiness meter. Even when I have to absolutely grit my teeth and force myself to do something social when I don't feel like it... I always am happier for it.

Anyway, it was a good week.


Anonymous said...


I've been reading your blog for a few months. We've just moved to Vicenza and I'd love to meet up sometime.


edith said...

Misty email me or send me a note on facebook. I would love to get together!

Judy Rae said...

If only we lived in the same country! Do I ever relate to this post, thanks for writing.

Take Care Edith,

edith said...

Judy, any time you're in Italy... the coffee's always on!

Judy Rae said...

Ditto for Belgium~