Sunday, June 02, 2013

There's something about June

So I've been overhauling my blog and re-reading a lot of posts and I'm reminded that June is always a month of highs and lows for me. There are transitions, depressions and elation over summer plans. It's a mixed bag overall.

This June is the same. I think I'm coming out of a low. Part of it is caused by this seriously wet and cold Italian spring. I am typing this right now wearing my heavy sweats, wool clogs and fleece jacket on June 2nd! Last year I was sweating in my underwear with the AC on. This area has seen at least three days of serious flooding in the last month and rain on at least 20 of the last 30 days. It has not hit 80 degrees yet (which is crazy). I've heard the Italians say this is the wettest spring in 200 years and probably the coldest. You would think I would love the rain being that I'm from the Pacific Northwest... I guess it's all about expectations.

So I've been feeling low but I have a lot of great stuff I'm looking forward to!

E-Dude is coming to visit in August! We have a trek to Rome planned. I just can't wait to see my oldest and hug him and squeeze him and make sure he truly is real and that yes, he is not a figment of my imagination. If you can believe it, by the time he visits, I will have not seen him or heard his voice in 20 months. I don't care how old your kids are, that's too long!

I will be going to the states for my 30th high school reunion in July and to see my siblings, grandma and other family and friends. I can't wait.

My niece is graduating from high school in a few weeks and her graduation present to herself is a visit to Italy - highly anticipating her visit too!

In other news:

C-Bear is having struggles deciding what to do with herself and that rubs off on me and makes me fret. It also brings back that time in my life when I went through the same painful transition from childhood to adulthood. She is dipping her toe in the pond by taking a college math class this summer. It starts Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

E-Dude got into the state college of his dreams! After two tough years of figuring himself out and two years of working his ass off at community college, he is moving on to the big school with an A average. He is also working full time at an assisted care facility. I am so super proud of his successes!

P-Diddle is flying to Norway to spend a week with my cousin's kids in July. They will be taking a boat trip to Germany and hanging out. He is in the process of finishing up his sophomore year. I agonize over this high school he is attending. It has some fabulous star teachers and some real big stinkers. The words "home school" have been mentioned several times... stay tuned.

Husband has a new job that he is really enjoying. He comes home with a spring in his step, is cheerful and actually misplaces his cell phone on the weekend. It used to be that he had to have it on his person 24/7 and he would field disaster phone calls like a 911 dispatcher...  I'm glad that's behind us.

We are in the process of  extending our stay here in Italy until 2015 when Husband retires and P-Diddle graduates. The army will consider this if your high-schooler is in his sophomore year.

So, aside from the rain and fretting over my kids this is all pretty good news isn't it? I can't really explain my melancholy and a few weeks from now it will all be in the rear view mirror anyway. The ten day weather forecast predicts warmer weather, school will be out and summer will have begun.

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