Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to real life

Oh the things I've been up to... but this week I am struggling to pull myself together after a whirlwind summer:

I've been traveling for 33 days! I know, I know, I'm lucky!!

Back to real life.

I am working again but only part time on-call. It's the same job I left in August 2012. I retrained for the position at the beginning of July but I left a lot of loose ends that I had to straighten out this week. Today I also worked solo again for the first time in over a year. After a lot of assessing, I decided I needed to have something to occupy my time to improve my mental health. So here we are!

I really needed to clean my house. Egad! A house left in man/boy's hands for over a week is not a pretty thing. I returned from the states August 1 but then we were off again on a fantastic trip to Rome and other more local sights. I have finally caught up and vacuumed the spider webs in all the corners, washed all the towels, cleaned out my refrigerator,  and found all the balled-up sweat socks that were lurking under and in the couches. Lots of Febreze sprayed everywhere too.

Detox: Great Gobbledy Goo! Did I eat all that? I thought I had gained six pounds over the past month but it ends up I just needed to eat right (and less pizza) for a week and drink more water to flush things out. Now I only have 2.5 pounds to lose. That's something I can deal with!

Back to school: No way, is it here already? P-Diddle is in band practice all week and enjoying some special instruction on drumming. He says he's performing with the Marching Band this fall so stay tuned for some Proud Mommy blogs on that. He starts up school for real next Monday.

Getting C-Bear on her way... sadly, she is stagnant and lonely here in Italy and has not really had much opportunity to connect with people her age. She successfully took a college math class this summer but, by mutual decision, she is cleaning out her closets to move to the states this Fall. She will move in with her older brother and start community college this winter. She and I are going to be adventurous and try to fly Space-A in October. This means we fly on a military flight and don't have to pay much but we are basically at the whim of flight availability and space. Stay tuned for some helpful how-to blogs on this topic because I personally have found it very, very frustrating to get consistent information on how to go about this.

Anyway... that's what's up with me.

But over the few weeks I want to regress and tell you (and show you) all about my fantastic summer and having my three kids together and my high school reunion and a car accident I was in (I'm okay) and my fabulous niece Jane who visited....

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