Saturday, August 24, 2013


Sisters. If you've got one you know.
Usually when I visit my sister, she is distracted and overwhelmingly busy. She has two young daughters (10 and 14) who go, go go, she works full time as well as having commitments to the community and also to her health.

The last couple of times we've visited, it's been with our whole families, our husbands, during the holidays or for a funeral. So to have one-on-one time and a good conversation that lasts more than 15 minutes just hasn't happened. We have both lamented this but it's just the way it is.

Somehow, this time, when I landed in Seattle, the clouds parted, an angel sang and my sister was mine for three whole days.

We hopped in the car, just the two of us, on a Thursday night and road-tripped to the other side of the state to visit our uncle and our dear old grandma.

Two sisters in a car... what do you think we did?

We yacked,
We talked,
We laughed,
We analyzed,
We dissected,
We laughed some more,
We peed our pants a little from laughing so much,
We solved the world's problems,
We talked some more.

When we pulled up to Grandma's farm 6 hours later, my sister gets out of the car, makes a big stretch and says,

"Gawd my mouth is SOOO dry"

and I exclaimed

"Hey, so is mine!"

And we paused a half a second and then bent over double laughing because we realized we had talked our damn mouths dry!!

Nothing a little wine won't fix, right? 
See, I told you there was wine!

Yes, I'd missed my sister but I had forgotten how much!! My sister is a irreplaceable treasure... she listens with rapt attention to everything I say, offers such delightful insights and finds me hilarious and smart. I feel like a queen (or someone with a good therapist) with all that at attention paid to my mere utterances.

My husband wouldn't have lasted 10 seconds in that car. He shakes his head when we get together and afterwards he scolds me,

 "Edith, you interrupt your sister every two seconds. It's just rude."

and then I have to educate him on the way it is with sisters. Interrupting and talking over one-another is the nature of the game (and the only way you'll be heard).

While we were visiting we spent some time with our Grandma, Aunt, Uncle and cousins. We enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends Paul and Judy (one of my most faithful blog readers), we played games (cut-throat style)... and we went shopping. My sister and I spent hours shopping. Apparently, she hadn't been able to extricate herself to buy clothes for herself in YEARS.  I, of course, had a list of things I wanted from the states so it was productive... and fun!

We also ate a lot of fresh farm-stand fruit which she and I share a huge affinity for: raspberries, blueberries (lots of blueberries), cherries, peaches, green beans (oops, that's not fruit). It's almost all we ate while we were there.

We drove home in our new outfits, with exhausted smiles on our faces and maybe you're thinking we were talked out by then.


We had dry mouth when we reached our destination.

For my lonely soul, seeing my sister was a healing balm.

My cousin has a new kitten. Who doesn't love a blog post that ends with a cute kitten?


Anonymous said...

Edith that was so great you spent time with your sister...There is nothing like a good visit with beloved family.
Ma In Law

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