Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Derpy Derperson

Neck-pillow hat
This is my niece Jane. I was going to give her the pseudonym J-Derp but I decided against it. I don't want anyone to think she's a photo derper or anything.

She and I flew back to Italy together after my visit in the states. She was on her big I just graduated and I'm taking a big trip trip. We stopped in Philadelphia before crossing the Atlantic and I brought her to the USO with me for free dinner and drinks. I had some pasta. Jane had chili.

Big mistake. It was a very long plane ride.

Hmm. Let's talk about Jane...

She gets carsick easily and wears these fancy bracelet thingies to help. She also left them here by accident when flew home two weeks ago. Along with about 10 single socks.

She's smart and knows a lot of history.

She doesn't like tilapia or sandwiches.

She can walk six miles in gladiator sandals.

She loves Moscato wine and Sangrias.

She loves paprika Pringles.

I  beat her easily at Monopoly

She sleeps a lot.

She's very funny.

She absolutely loves cats but is afraid of Chuck.

She likes to derp in all my vacation photos. Luckily she isn't the only one...

I have a million photos like this. Jane makes a face. My kids turn their heads. PILLS!

Venice mystery

Requisite Pisa butt shot

Derp in what would have been an angelic shot. Dammit!

I take Michelangelo very serious.

She's a sucker for these street guys and they know it. This is one of many that caught her.
See, she's gorgeous! I got a good one.

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