Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some useful links if you're moving to Italy...

I've been collecting these in my Favorites thinking Hey, these are useful, especially for a newcomer...

If you are military coming to the area (just for you):
Outlook: The Vicenza Garrison newspaper

One of the most common questions asked when people finally settle into their new houses is how do I watch American programming if I don't want to use AFN? By the way, I use unblock-us as my VPN:
Guide to Streaming Blocked Content Overseas

Just plain funny and useful too:
10 Italian Slang Expressions You Can't Live Without

Ten rules for eating in Italy True facts, folks... they don't serve Chicken Alfredo (or even alfredo) in Italy. Alfred isn't an Italian name anyway... should have been our first clue. And don't forget there's no such thing as a to-go box or a drive-thru. Sorry.

Say okay to the bidet. Questions you wanted to ask but didn't quite know how to go about it. I'm so glad someone knowledgeable answered. I was using mine to hold my toilet paper and I've heard other Americans in Italy use theirs for bath toys, or as a dog water bowl.

And a bit of exciting news for those of you just coming to the area. I will probably be out of here by 2016.
EU roaming charges to end in 2016: My fellow blogger and friend Life Lessons of a Military Wife found this one. At first I was excited, "Wow no roaming charges for cell phone use!!"  and then I was like, "HEY didn't they just tell us roaming would end January 2014?". Oh well, I guess you get what you get.

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Roby Gamba said...

Nice blog thanks. I'm an italian guy and Like what you say about bidet.
It made me lough and think about the fact that what is normal for us it may not be the same in other countries . roby fm Vicenza