Friday, November 15, 2013


Well, your probably wondering what happened to me. Transitions, that's what happened to me.

I'm trying to redefine myself and figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

Husband is getting set to retire.

My kids are all grown up.

The house is almost empty and I cannot find happiness knocking around amongst these four walls as a primary occupation. P-Diddle is at that age when he comes home at dinner time, eats with us and then disappears so it really is pretty much me and Husband contemplating our navels and trying to occupy ourselves.

So, how am I solving this conundrum? I am following my gut and scheduling shit to do like a crazy woman...

I'm volunteering with the music program at the school

I volunteered to help with P's class fund raisers

I'm doing some FRG stuff (that's Army talk for Family Readiness Group)

I joined a Bunco group

I'm sticking my neck out and inviting
 ladies I don't really know to do stuff (like mercatino shopping, and mini-trips)

I'm accepting all lunch dates

I'm working again and just accepted a part time position (it was part time on-call),

I'm somewhat involved and attending events at a Community Club on post.

You are probably wondering why I don't travel with all my spare time...? Money. I'm out of it with two kids in school in the states and also the pending unknown of retirement. We are in pay off mode and then SAVE SAVE SAVE mode.

So I am trying to keep myself out of trouble and keep my mood up. I don't have a lot of introspection to offer because I don't think things have really settled to a point where I know where the hell I fit in the big picture.

More later.


Shari said...

I feel you. Just a little behind you -- we're making our retirement plans, DD is a senior & putting in her college apps, and I'm just... floating. I suppose I'm going to have to readjust my identity yet again. Good thing we milspouses are flexible!

Mandy Indonesia said...
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Anonymous said...

Just read entire blog. Wow. Hope you are well and back to posting soon

edith said...

I just put myself on a Facebook diet... that should help open up some time for blogging! Thank you for reading!