Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Got Big Plans

Husband rolled his eyes when I told him I got first dibs on a porch swing someone was giving away. He kindly helped me dismantle it and cart it home.

The swing needs some work: cleaning, maybe a coat of paint and a new roof panel. Here it is before we took it apart.

Since husband was so gracious about helping me,
 I chopped him out of the photo. It wasn't the best shot of him. You're welcome, Husband.

I don't know if you know this about me but nothing gives me greater pleasure than beating the system and making something unexpected from scratch... like cottage cheese or yogurt or an umbrella or a string of Christmas lights.

Yes I know I'm weird. Think of all the money I save!!!! Well, maybe not but at least I learn something, right?

This is the roof of the porch swing. I would like to sew a new roof (I'm keeping the old one to use as a pattern) and I need to make cushions for the swing from scratch.

While I'm at it and feeling adventurous I thought I would recover the cushions of the metal framed chairs pictured above and make a new umbrella. Updates to come.

Oh yeh, you're probably wondering about my last project: P-Diddle's quilt (see Quilt). The top is done I just need to assemble and quilt. Frankly, I'm scared and so it sits there.

quilt me, quilt me

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you put stuff in on the blog. I appreciate it since I am not on facebook but do look at the pictures everyone puts in.

BTW you are awesome ...all those projects you are doing. My hero!!

will you be able to bring the swing back to the USA when you return?