Sunday, March 02, 2014

I won't die there. Retirement planning by Edith

We are in the initial discussions of retirement planning.

It really is very unsettling and there is not a lot of guidance out there about making the decisions that need to be made other than the financial aspects of military retirement. There's plenty on that.

Looking for a place to start, I found a series of very thoughtful blog posts on Army Wife Network - Loving a Soldier... Here Comes Retirement.

One of the posts deals with prioritizing what is most important to you in retirement. Take the categories/priorities that are issues for you and rank them by importance. We used  Income, Career/Education (Hussband and I may go back to school), Location and Family.

I told Husband he MUST make a retirement pyramid for me TODAY. He rolled his eyes and took the post-it from me and while he was watching Ghost Adventurers (my turn for the eye-roll), he filled his out:
Husband's pyramid

I gave myself a brief belly ache worrying about the negotiations that would ensue when we compared pyramids. I filled mine out. Below you can see that at least our pyramids ended up the same. Whew! One road block out of the way. Now... where to live and what will we do for employment?

As an aside (and as to not offend my family), we love you and you are very important to us but we have 15 more years to work until we can really make a nuisance of ourselves by showing up on your doorstep. 

My pyramid
Luckily, in our household I am the Queen of TMI, and so before I handed Husband my pyramid I jotted down on the back of my post-it, without thinking too hard about it some location ideas:
"YES" means places where I would prefer to live
"MAYBE" means places where I could be happy but not my first choice
"DO NOT LIKE" means places where I don't want to live

So, with a laugh, he took my post-it and put it in his wallet. He says while he's job hunting. He knows not to look for employment in Louisiana.

Yes, Maybe yes, Absolutely not and Everywhere else I will live temporarily but won't die there.

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