Moving to Belgium?

Although it's been four years since I moved to Belgium, some of these posts might be helpful and give you a sense of the cultural differences and hoops you have to jump through to settle in bucolic Belgium.

Getting organized for your PCS

Moving to SHAPE, Belgium? Info on the SHAPE facebook page, an awesome resource!

The Flight to Belgium and adventures of traveling with pets.

Chievres Army Lodge/Temporary Lodging

An informative and funny video introducing you to Belgium

House Hunting

What is SHAPE?

Welcome To Belgium The Army Community Service class offered at SHAPE

Moving to Belgium Part I Q&A of reader's questions.

Moving to Belgium Part II All about pets. Warning this information may be outdated.

Moving to Belgium Part III Q&A of reader's questions.

U.S. Community Service Center Your go-to place at SHAPE for passports, ID cards, taxes, In/Out Processing and any other miscellaneous advice you might need.

Coupons for the Commissary

Driving in Belgium

Money Info about banking and the convoluted money exchange/transfer process.

Chievres Commissary

Lifestyle observations TV watching, mail, shopping

Things I couldn't live without in Europe

What happens when you don't read your utility meters.

Also, if you are interested in more reading more on Belgian culture, holidays, language and lots of travel please see my blog tab on the home page, right hand side under Gotta Love Labels: Military in Belgium: Stuff to Know.

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